Blogging 101


Good afternoon dear friends and neighbors. I suddenly feel like I am back in school. And at the moment that is a very good thing. As you can tell from my photo I’m not a spring chicken by no means. And as you know a lady never divulges her true age. So I will tell you a lie and let it go at that. A few years ago (read many) I was turning 30 and during a conversation with my mother on the phone (read house phone with cord), I exclaimed how I wasn’t going to be 30 but would be celebrating the first anniversary of my 29th birthday. My wonderful mother understood and sent me a lovely anniversary card for the celebration. Consequently to this day I will claim to remain 29.

Now back to the subject at hand. Back in school. Yes! I’m taking a course on this site Blogging 101. Boy do I ever need it. I can write, mind you. I have an Associate Degree in Business Management from the University of Maryland. I took a couple of creative writing courses. But my computer training was …. well let’s just say ….DOS. I’m totally lost around computers, unless they stand up and say “hey Dummy, yeah you! do it this way”. Now I must say this program is somewhat familiar. Can’t put my finger on it yet but I have been able to figure out its buttons. I have gotten lost. And I still don’t know if I can find my way back to Commons (I guess that’s like a meeting/study area).

I am retired (prematurely due to health) from the business world, after almost 20 years as a manager/bookkeeper for a large company in Oklahoma. I have 2 lovely daughters and 4 brilliant grandchildren. My husband retired from the Army after 20+ years and in September will retire a second time after 15 years as IT at a national bank. After my retirement I had more time to enjoy my hobby …. jewelry making and beading. After some time I had built up a stash of ” inventory “, not enough friends and family nor holidays to give them away. In December 2013 I decided to “open” my business Beading Fun by PJ Clouse. I started face booking ( is that right ??) in May 2014. I had to have been the last of my family on Facebook… yes my mother is on Facebook at age **(age withheld to protect my lie). I have been doing some craft shows and have 3 planned for 2015. The next 2 steps are a blog page to promote me and my product, then an etsy shop. I hope to learn how to connect it all together to draw a variety of interesting customers and future friends and neighbors.

This was the first assignment of many to come. I will also try to include any regular features that I have already planned.

Have a great day



11 thoughts on “Blogging 101

    • Aha…Seasoned is a nice term. Sounds like we’ve been marinating in the spice of life. Don’t mind me I am always trying to be witty and making puns. I will even use this one day if I remember it.
      Good Luck on your endeavors


  1. Great start! I am also a beader who has run out of family and friends to share my creations with, so we have something in common. I look forward to learning more about you.


    • I am sorry, I am still new at this. While trying to reply to you I actually left myself a new comment. Thank you for reading my blog. I read yours and I’m going to follow you on your journey, I too feel as if I have a hard exterior. Although I’m gaining some experience in saying this is who I am. Perhaps we can assist each other through our interests and endeavors.

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