Hump Day or Another Week Half Over

wpid-wp-1420658485361.png      Some people enjoy seeing Wednesday roll around, they known that Friday ( you know TGIF) is just around the corner. But there are times I feel like ole Sam there when I’m like WTF where is this week going. I’ve got Shirley’s bracelet to do, yeah I’ve got the supplies picked out. All laid out on my mat. I’ve started the “challenge” for the Facebook group I’m following. A great bunch of gals by the way. I started following this group I think in June or July. Since then I really have increased my beading skills. Picked up some new stitches. For those not familiar with beading it is bead-weaving. Tiny little beads hand sewn together in a pattern to form an artistic piece of jewelry or sometimes unidentifiable objects (well at least on my part).

Well I transgressed from my point there didn’t I. Oh how embarrassing that maybe some of ….. Well to get back on track. It’s not so much a challenge against each other as our own beading skills. The next 2 weeks are to be spent doing peyote triangles at the next level from each ones previous experience. So far this week I have played “frog” about 4 times now. My personal best; I almost completed one when I noticed I had used 2 blue beads where I wanted green beads. The advise from the expert was “ribbit”. So I played frog once again, then put it away, in frustration (I do have some OCD issues), and called it a night. My plans are to make enough of them that by the end of next week they can be assembled together in some fashion and called a bracelet. I hope to be able to show you an acceptable finished project. Maybe even good enough to eventually do more and sell a few of them. Maybe even start a new fashion trend. Daydreams….. now I’m sounding like Hannah one of our fellow bloggers. Oh how my mind wanders.

Getting back to Shirley’s bracelet if you didn’t read that blog (New Year… ), you must. I found at Hobby Lobby some time ago a branch with some birds setting on it. It was marked down, either because it was time or because it was damaged. Either way someone had bent the branch to the point it was broken. I foresaw a possibility of using it someday in a piece. I am going to! I have prepared a portion of it for Shirley’s bracelet and if I quit procrastinating and get on with it I should have a unique wrap around bracelet to present to you on Friday. If only Thursday will hold off for just a little while!!!!

Well WTF here’s to Hump Day or at least what’s left of it

Have a great evening everyone



2 thoughts on “Hump Day or Another Week Half Over

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun and something I must try too one day. I’m looking forward to seeing some pics of work-in -progress! Beads everywhere – rainbows across your table – or wherever you work. 🙂

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