Shirley’s Bracelet …. Done Procrastinating


I finally quit procrastinating and finished Shirley’s bracelet just a little while ago. I’m one of these types whose plans are just great in my mind. But I’m not a pencil and paper artist. I can make lists ( except for groceries… that I hate to do), I have to do lists for when I go to town and run errands. I make a list when I go to the pharmacy and pick up medicine refills. And I make lists for when I make a piece of jewelry. The problem I ran into with this one was when I gathered up my items I realized something very important…. the eyelets and leather punch I had weren’t for this type of project. This was the first time I attempted to do a leather focal piece to attach my wrist bands on. So I kept hesitating about my idea. Do I? Or don’t I? I wanted to use the birds on the branch. And because it was broken I had to come up with a clever way to attach it to the band. OK ….. DO IT! I headed to Hobby Lobby yesterday afternoon (yeah that bad) bought a nice leather punching tool and some rivets.
Now …. as they say …. the rest is history. And here it is!






11 thoughts on “Shirley’s Bracelet …. Done Procrastinating

  1. I’ve been there, procrastinating on something that seemed insurmountable, but really only needed me to slow down and think about it for a minute. Nice post and even nicer bracelet. Love the birds!


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