Friday Reveal


Finished my “Festival of Lights” pattern by Jill Wiseman last night. I call this color way “Tribute to the Buffalo”. Working with the new super duos was interesting. In the instructions Jill advises to check that both holes are clear before using the bead. Now I have used other kinds of pressed Czech beads before and sometimes they can be blocked or partially blocked. With single holed beads that’s not a problem you can’t use them you toss them. BUT with multi holed beads here’s the dilemma… you sew or weave in your multi holed bead and continue on beading along either up the row or on around the ” tube” eventually you return to the bead to add to or connect to it AND WHAT DO YOUR WONDERING EYES BEHOLD…the hole is blocked. You start cussing and ranting and throwing things. The dog runs under the bed, …. You get the idea. These new beads aren’t perfect but I have a tip for you.
This is how I worked it as I was starting the bangle, I held the needle in my dominant hand and completed work in my non dominant hand. I would pick up a super duo with the needle, flip it around with my other hand, reinsert the needle into the other hole and sew the bead into the forming strip. By doing this I determined both holes were clear. And my friend Sadie didn’t have to run under the bed as no Discouraging Words were heard on my portion of the Great Plains of Oklahoma.

Yes I just revealed something new for my ABOUT page I have a dog. Her name is Sadie. She is part Sheltie, part Blue healer. She protects our yard, yet is friendly to anyone I greet. I am her alpha. Her ffavorite spot is the couch, but that’s ok ’cause we have the lazy boys.


I hope everyone has a great weekend.
See ya later


9 thoughts on “Friday Reveal

    • Start with something small and easy. As you do more you’ll learn more and want to do new things. Try stringing some bright colored beads on some stretchy cord, do a good square knot, glue the knot, cut the ends when the glue is dry, and you made yourself a pretty bracelet. Try it then show me in your blog.
      Have fun


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