Susie Homemaker vs Beading Fun

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pleased to Meet You.”


My days always start the same. Up around 7am. Send hubby off to work. Spend the next couple hours leisurely waking up. There’s coffee, juice, breakfast shake and morning medical regime. Lets see Bible verse of the day, feed the dog,  newspaper, emails ( 2 accounts – personal and business), Words games ( usually about 10 of them) to play, Facebook, and blogs to read. Next its time to get dressed for the day, probably a nice set of sweats or dressy pj’s. Have you ever seen that commercial where a person is being tempted by a red devilish version of himself and consoled by the angelic version. Well I too have my version of characters on my shoulders.

First coming straight from Heloise; wearing her oldest sweats she could find, weighing in at … she ain’t admitting to nothing… we find Susie Homemaker. She is my alter ego. Her plans for the day seem to include vacuuming dog hair from rugs, washing a load of laundry, and unloading the dishwasher. And this to be accomplished before lunch. We haven’t seen beyond her plans to walk the dog to the mail box yet. But then again the walk is done everyday at approximately noon.

Now my humble ego Beading Fun has been thinking of other plans. She actually snuck in about 10 minutes of Pinterest and another 5 on Etsy looking at new ideas for dreamy beading projects. She also has been worried about the UFO’s* that have been lurking about. She knows its her responsibility to finish them off. She knows she too will have to walk the dog at noon. And then there will have to be some kind of dinner thought about for the hubby.

So as these two scramble through my head, trying to confuse me with issues. I decide to ignore both of them and do what I feel like! I’ll throw a load into the washer and maybe on Tuesday it will make it to the dryer. We’ll keep using the dishes in the dishwasher as we pre-rinse everything and reload again maybe on Wednesday. I’ll vacuum later this afternoon. That’ll be my compromise between the Susie homemaker non ego and my friendly Beading Fun.

Tonight as I read new comments on my blog, one of my young teen readers prompted me to respond with quick instructions on making stretch bracelets. I realized there are many young people out there interested in jewelry crafts. My own grandchildren are learning different areas such as chainmail, micro macrame, wire wrapping and bead stringing. I encourage everyone interested ask questions, find a mentor, join a class, or buy a great book.

My grandkids

* = UnFinished Objects.

Pleased to Meet You


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