Wordless Wednesday or When Have You Ever Known Me Not To Talk

My friend Cathy @ Still Waters has posted today about “Wordless Wednesdays” occurring all over the internet. I checked out the link on her page and let me say…WOW !!! There is a long list of bloggers partaking in this fun. Now I haven’t had the opportunity to explore any of them yet. But I’m going to wordlessly post my ” WIP” (work in progress) for you to enjoy.

So until Friday hop over to Cathy’s blog, check her out  then follow her link and see who else is not talking on Wednesday cause obviously I can’t go wordless.

Oh well til Friday then.



7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday or When Have You Ever Known Me Not To Talk

  1. Thanks for the shout out PJ – WW is as you say a fun meme. I’ve met and followed lots of great blogs through it.
    As for your WIP – well I’ve done some projects but for the life of me can never follow that type of instructions. My wire goes everywhere but through the intended hole Great if someone shows me but on my own at home – hopeless. Beads and all the stuff are in the cupboard with loads of other supplies from othe hobbies over the years. Sticking to my knitting at the moment lol

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    • Cathy, that is Fireline I use, basically it is a fishing line. But bead weavers have adopted it because of its strength and it doesn’t fray. It is a fused, braided, synthetic fiber that is the best for beading in my opinion.


  2. Oh, I’ve used fishing line as well years ago – depends on what i was doing. (Bookmarks usually – you know the ones that hang inside the page along the spine with dingly dangles on each end. Well thats what the grandchildren called them at the time.). The wire was for some angel decorations i made one Christmas. Someone gave me a pattern for one decoaration shaped like a tree that involved going in and out under over backwards forwards you name it the wire was to go there lol

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  3. Greetings! I saw your “Wordless Wednesday” post here, and got very curious what it might be all about. I saw you mentioned a site, but I didn’t see a link to it, so I could go check it out.
    The idea, probably not actually what I think it is, but I’ve personally considered taking a complete day of silence for myself, and had Wednesday in mind. I still have to work out the details for Mr. Quantum Hermit, since I’m uncertain he will make it through a day in silence, and still believe I’m me. 🙂

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