Hello friends andneighbors! I am finally going to introduce myself properly. I am a silver haired young lady. Thats what I’ll admit to at this moment. I am medically retired due to migraines, stress and asthma. I also have arthritis in my back, shoulders, wrists and thumbs. I have a sciatic nerve in my right lower back/leg. I am hearing impaired but that is only a problem on a phone, as my hearing aids are too good at times.
I have always been crafty with different hobbies and activities going on ever since I was young … well much younger than I am now. My grandmother taught me to crochet and that has been a life long passion until recently. I finally handed over most of my stash of yarn to my daughters this past year. Yes I taught both of them. Both of my granddaughters are expressing interest also. I have also knitted, needle tatted, played softball, been on bowling teams, biking. My youngest daughter and I used to love riding all over the German countryside when we were stationed there in the late 80’s early 90’s.

My husband and I met during my senior year of high school. We married just 3 weeks after my graduation. This June we will be celebrating our 42nd anniversary. Oh blast that’s close to giving away my age. We have 2 ddaughters and 4 grandchildren ages 12 to 17. Our oldest grandson will be a senior next year, he is joining the National Guard this summer.

I attended night school and earned my Associates Degree in Business Mgmt the same year my oldest daughter graduated from high school.

I love Mustangs, I collect them and drive a 2005 lime green.

Living near the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge has given me the opportunity to admire the Buffalo. I collect buffalo made with unique or unusual materials.

But far most important and the main reason for my inspiring to do blogging is my beading and jewelry making.

Having retired and trying to keep busy, I soon found myself with an inventory of jewelry and other beaded items. I was working faster than I had family, friends and holidays to give away. Therefore I decided to start my own business. In January 2014 I formedΒ Beading Fun by PJ Clouse.Β I have had a couple shows and have done some special orders. I also was the last of my family to start a Facebook site, my mother is 81 and is on the computer all day long. You have to email her if you want to talk to her. Back on subject here…. I am working on my etsy site and hope for this blog to go hand in hand with it, Facebook, and eventually (big dreams here) my own website.

Any questions feel free to ask. Doesn’t mean I’ll answer, but you never know!




26 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey there!!! It’s a great idea that you are working on the etsy site and eventually linking them ! Smart woman. You gave us a lot of cool facts about yourself here, and I wish you the best of luck on your hobbies!

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  2. Hi there. I see you have a sense of humour – so essential in a world filled with bison. Some interesting posts – the creative side of you is showing. Keep up the good work. Regards, eLFy πŸ™‚

    p.s. I like the hat.

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