Susie Homemaker vs Beading Fun

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pleased to Meet You.”


My days always start the same. Up around 7am. Send hubby off to work. Spend the next couple hours leisurely waking up. There’s coffee, juice, breakfast shake and morning medical regime. Lets see Bible verse of the day, feed the dog,  newspaper, emails ( 2 accounts – personal and business), Words games ( usually about 10 of them) to play, Facebook, and blogs to read. Next its time to get dressed for the day, probably a nice set of sweats or dressy pj’s. Have you ever seen that commercial where a person is being tempted by a red devilish version of himself and consoled by the angelic version. Well I too have my version of characters on my shoulders.

First coming straight from Heloise; wearing her oldest sweats she could find, weighing in at … she ain’t admitting to nothing… we find Susie Homemaker. She is my alter ego. Her plans for the day seem to include vacuuming dog hair from rugs, washing a load of laundry, and unloading the dishwasher. And this to be accomplished before lunch. We haven’t seen beyond her plans to walk the dog to the mail box yet. But then again the walk is done everyday at approximately noon.

Now my humble ego Beading Fun has been thinking of other plans. She actually snuck in about 10 minutes of Pinterest and another 5 on Etsy looking at new ideas for dreamy beading projects. She also has been worried about the UFO’s* that have been lurking about. She knows its her responsibility to finish them off. She knows she too will have to walk the dog at noon. And then there will have to be some kind of dinner thought about for the hubby.

So as these two scramble through my head, trying to confuse me with issues. I decide to ignore both of them and do what I feel like! I’ll throw a load into the washer and maybe on Tuesday it will make it to the dryer. We’ll keep using the dishes in the dishwasher as we pre-rinse everything and reload again maybe on Wednesday. I’ll vacuum later this afternoon. That’ll be my compromise between the Susie homemaker non ego and my friendly Beading Fun.

Tonight as I read new comments on my blog, one of my young teen readers prompted me to respond with quick instructions on making stretch bracelets. I realized there are many young people out there interested in jewelry crafts. My own grandchildren are learning different areas such as chainmail, micro macrame, wire wrapping and bead stringing. I encourage everyone interested ask questions, find a mentor, join a class, or buy a great book.

My grandkids

* = UnFinished Objects.

Pleased to Meet You


Friday Reveal


Finished my “Festival of Lights” pattern by Jill Wiseman last night. I call this color way “Tribute to the Buffalo”. Working with the new super duos was interesting. In the instructions Jill advises to check that both holes are clear before using the bead. Now I have used other kinds of pressed Czech beads before and sometimes they can be blocked or partially blocked. With single holed beads that’s not a problem you can’t use them you toss them. BUT with multi holed beads here’s the dilemma… you sew or weave in your multi holed bead and continue on beading along either up the row or on around the ” tube” eventually you return to the bead to add to or connect to it AND WHAT DO YOUR WONDERING EYES BEHOLD…the hole is blocked. You start cussing and ranting and throwing things. The dog runs under the bed, …. You get the idea. These new beads aren’t perfect but I have a tip for you.
This is how I worked it as I was starting the bangle, I held the needle in my dominant hand and completed work in my non dominant hand. I would pick up a super duo with the needle, flip it around with my other hand, reinsert the needle into the other hole and sew the bead into the forming strip. By doing this I determined both holes were clear. And my friend Sadie didn’t have to run under the bed as no Discouraging Words were heard on my portion of the Great Plains of Oklahoma.

Yes I just revealed something new for my ABOUT page I have a dog. Her name is Sadie. She is part Sheltie, part Blue healer. She protects our yard, yet is friendly to anyone I greet. I am her alpha. Her ffavorite spot is the couch, but that’s ok ’cause we have the lazy boys.


I hope everyone has a great weekend.
See ya later

A Preview of Things to Come


Friends and Neighbors

I know I was supposed to show the geometric shapes bracelet this week, but it is slower going than I planned. (Why do I plan something I’ve never done before I’ll never know). My arthritis was acting up and it is easier to “string” beads than it is to “weave”. Therefore:
To honor the Buffalo; I am working on this bracelet using beads that are new to my inventory. The “super duo” bead is a pressed glass bead of Czech origin. They have 2 holes and are of seed bead size. The mix I’m using reminds me of the colors of a young buffalo. I’m also using 15/0,11/0 seed beads and 4mm bicone crystals. The pattern is a Jill Wiseman pattern called “Festival of Lights“. You can find it on ” youtube“.

I have this refrigerator magnet that embodies the spirit of the buffalo and also reminds me of the advice I gave my daughters as they became young women.


As I reveal these little bits and pieces About me, I will add them to my “About” page.
Have a good evening. Til Friday.

Page 82 Line 3 Oh My




by Michael Punke

I haven’t even read the book yet. And I’m supposed to …. now what was the wording … “and work it into a post somehow.”  To take a sentence literally out of book and “USE” it to publish a post. That’s like taking one crayon out of the box and giving it to Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling. So much can go wrong with that. Everything can be taken out of context. Or not.


 “Three hundred cattle, as it turned out, didn’t feed an army for long.”



Ok let me give you some back ground of the book. It is non-fiction.  The “greatest and most infamous characters of the American West- from John James Audubon and Buffalo Bill” …. (partial excerpt from back of book),  to name a couple of characters in this saga. It tells of familiar and historical acts by both white men and the natives of the region. It conveys powerful tales of bravery and adventure in settling the west. It tells of personal trials and political fights, all in the name of preservation.

No I have not read the book. But I have heard the tale of the fight for survival and the men who led the battle both in the field and in Washington’s halls to save one of the most powerful animals in our nation. The American Bison or Buffalo. This book is not about Custer and his last stand although he is a player in this story; this is about the man who started the conservation movement to save the Buffalo…. George Bird Grinnell.

So anyone just reading that one line and knowing the book it came from would assume it was talking about Custer’s army. And they would be right! I don’t like taking things out of context so I read the page before and the next few pages to understand better the situation Grinnell was in at the time. He was on a dinosaur hunting expedition and he was a tagalong to Custer’s army.

The next time someone gives me a crayon, I’m going to make sure that Michelangelo isn’t waiting for the rest of the box!

Shirley’s Bracelet …. Done Procrastinating


I finally quit procrastinating and finished Shirley’s bracelet just a little while ago. I’m one of these types whose plans are just great in my mind. But I’m not a pencil and paper artist. I can make lists ( except for groceries… that I hate to do), I have to do lists for when I go to town and run errands. I make a list when I go to the pharmacy and pick up medicine refills. And I make lists for when I make a piece of jewelry. The problem I ran into with this one was when I gathered up my items I realized something very important…. the eyelets and leather punch I had weren’t for this type of project. This was the first time I attempted to do a leather focal piece to attach my wrist bands on. So I kept hesitating about my idea. Do I? Or don’t I? I wanted to use the birds on the branch. And because it was broken I had to come up with a clever way to attach it to the band. OK ….. DO IT! I headed to Hobby Lobby yesterday afternoon (yeah that bad) bought a nice leather punching tool and some rivets.
Now …. as they say …. the rest is history. And here it is!





Hump Day or Another Week Half Over

wpid-wp-1420658485361.png      Some people enjoy seeing Wednesday roll around, they known that Friday ( you know TGIF) is just around the corner. But there are times I feel like ole Sam there when I’m like WTF where is this week going. I’ve got Shirley’s bracelet to do, yeah I’ve got the supplies picked out. All laid out on my mat. I’ve started the “challenge” for the Facebook group I’m following. A great bunch of gals by the way. I started following this group I think in June or July. Since then I really have increased my beading skills. Picked up some new stitches. For those not familiar with beading it is bead-weaving. Tiny little beads hand sewn together in a pattern to form an artistic piece of jewelry or sometimes unidentifiable objects (well at least on my part).

Well I transgressed from my point there didn’t I. Oh how embarrassing that maybe some of ….. Well to get back on track. It’s not so much a challenge against each other as our own beading skills. The next 2 weeks are to be spent doing peyote triangles at the next level from each ones previous experience. So far this week I have played “frog” about 4 times now. My personal best; I almost completed one when I noticed I had used 2 blue beads where I wanted green beads. The advise from the expert was “ribbit”. So I played frog once again, then put it away, in frustration (I do have some OCD issues), and called it a night. My plans are to make enough of them that by the end of next week they can be assembled together in some fashion and called a bracelet. I hope to be able to show you an acceptable finished project. Maybe even good enough to eventually do more and sell a few of them. Maybe even start a new fashion trend. Daydreams….. now I’m sounding like Hannah one of our fellow bloggers. Oh how my mind wanders.

Getting back to Shirley’s bracelet if you didn’t read that blog (New Year… ), you must. I found at Hobby Lobby some time ago a branch with some birds setting on it. It was marked down, either because it was time or because it was damaged. Either way someone had bent the branch to the point it was broken. I foresaw a possibility of using it someday in a piece. I am going to! I have prepared a portion of it for Shirley’s bracelet and if I quit procrastinating and get on with it I should have a unique wrap around bracelet to present to you on Friday. If only Thursday will hold off for just a little while!!!!

Well WTF here’s to Hump Day or at least what’s left of it

Have a great evening everyone