Live, Learn, & Fun

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

-Mahatma Gandhi. ‘Good Morning’


Living and Learning at the Thomas P Stafford Air & Space Museum in Weatherford Oklahoma

Great Sunday! Met our friends at Ann’s, a local country diner, for breakfast. There was 10 of us on 2 bikes and 4 trikes all Honda Goldwings. Beautiful February weather for riding. Started out at 65F and topped off near 80. Took scenic drive Highway 115 through Meers and other various back highways enroute to Weatherford roughly an hour and quarter. Weatherford sits on old Route 66 the Mother Road. Rt 66 ran from Chicago to Los Angeles.
For more information about Weatherford check out .


The museum is a fantastic tribute to the United States adventure into space exploration. But first it is a towns pride in a homeboys accomplishments. Thomas P Stafford was born and raised in Weatherford. He was a football star. An appointee to the Naval Academy. Became an Airforce pilot. A test pilot. An astronaut. He flew on many important missions; to the moon; and the only Apollo-Soyuz test project, the docking of American and Soviet space vehicles in July 1975. The historical fact in that one moment the International “space race” ended.¹
The museum displays an array of air history with replicas of the Wright Brothers airplane and other early historical air vehicles. There are also planes that General Stafford flew as a young test pilot. This is a space museum so the displays do go on to be dedicated to the space engines, command centers, and rockets. Also suits, food and other necessities for a trip to outer space. There are many actual items used in the NASA program. A part of a communication center from Houston still carries a NASA property ID tag also has a manufacturing tag from Ford.
I think the item that impressed me the most was an actual deactivated Titan II rocket both stages out of a Kansas underground silo, along with the nuclear capable head. The significants of seeing this of course was the message of the end of the “Cold War”.

After a couple of hours wandering through this very informative and interesting museum, it was time to eat. And that is what Goldwingers do second best…first we ride then we eat! If you’ve ever been to Weatherford, you know you have to go to Lucille’s Roadhouse. It boasts a 50’s style diner with Rt 66 decor and a steakhouse. The diner was closed by the time we got there at 3 so we went to the steakhouse. We were not disappointed. The food and the service was great. By the time we left most of us lady’s put on an extra layer as with sun setting comes cooler temps. Riding home was uneventful as Robert & Jeanne and Tom & I peeled off to continue heading east as the others turned south at Hwy58. We arrived home just in time to feed Sadie thereby not incurring any sad puppy stares.

I was able to start a bracelet on Saturday and have been working on it last 2 afternoons while enjoying nice 75F weather outside. I’m having a bit of a problem with my tension as I seem to have pulled the center portion tight. The bracelet wants to curl and won’t lay flat. I’m almost finished, I do love the colors. It is a pattern by Ellad2 called Pillars. I found it on her Etsy page.


Have a great Thursday see you Friday or Saturday. 😁



WIP ….. Works in Progress

Sorry folks no reveal today. Progress has been made on my projects, but nothing completed. I’ll give you some peeks into where I’m at on them (just so you know I didn’t set around eating bonbons all week)! But first I’d like to discuss something that’s bothering me today.

Yesterday a famous author passed away. She was 77, so one can assume she lived a full and rewarding life. Now being an international figure that she was, her obituary written by her homeland has become somewhat of “gossip” today on Facebook. Now I read it and yes the beginning paragraph is a bit unflattering according to American standards. Completely reading the article one gets the impression that Ms.  McCullough herself often referred to her size in different contexts. But my sensitivities say that a reporter who doesn’t have a close relationship with the deceased should not be making such personal remarks for the world to read. If this is acceptable practice in Australia then I heartily apologize if my opinion hurts your feelings. But it is still my opinion.

OK off my soap box and onto to my WIPS:

This is the shapes 3 triangles done, square almost

The African Helix Harlequin bracelet 1st half done 2nd almost then just the embellishments

Now for the copper tubing, it has been stamped, patterned, shaped, patina, and sealed ready for bead embroidery then lined with leather.


Til next week, have a great weekend!!!

Liebster Award

Good Wednesday afternoon friends and neighbors. I have been awarded the: image by my blogging friend Jillian at How To Be Myself. Since I am accepting the award, I now have to follow these guidelines:

1. Post 11 things about myself
2. Answer questions Jillian had posed to me
3. Choose 11 people and link them to my post (I hope I can do that)
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. No tag backs … Oh come on Jillian that was going to be fun. Oh poooh.

OK now for the easy part: (Or at least I think its easy);
1. Jillian had to Google the word Liebster I knew what it meant my husband was in Army for 21 years spent 9 years in Germany.
2. I have visited Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland plus 39 of 50 states.
3. I was married at 17 it’s been almost 42 years
4. I am oldest of 8
5. My husband and I love to travel on our Honda Goldwing trike
6. I love to camp we have a pop up camper for the bike and a RV
7. My 2nd car was a 1965 Mustang that was in 1974
8. I am Catholic
9. I am of Irish and Polish decent my favorite joke for me is “I get mad easy but then I forget why”.
10. I was a brunette and my husband is a blonde, we have 2 red head daughters
11. I was born in Ohio, raised in Michigan now live in Oklahoma.

Yeah me I breezed through that.
OK now for Jillian’s questions:

1. Do you want kids? If you already have them, did you always know you wanted them?

Being Catholic the question wasn’t…do you want kids? It was ” How many?” and were we going to risk the chance of excommunication by practicing any type of birth control. My husband was 3rd youngest of 10 and his parents had been excommunicated for practicing permanent birth control in the late 50’s. We decided on 2 and have 2 beautiful daughters and 4 fantastic grandkids.

2. How did you choose your blog name?

It is my business name. I hate being super serious. I’m retired and want to have fun. If I’m not going to enjoy what I’m doing then I’m not going to do it. I have a bit of a funny bone and I hated the business world for making me feel cold hearted.

3. Do you have any pets?

Yes! Sadie blue healer/ sheltie mix is my constant companion.

4. Do “I” think it’s smart to blog on a set schedule?

For me yes! I was used to schedules and deadlines in the business world. It was how I performed. I had certain tasks that had to be accomplished in order for things to continue flowing. Even though I’m retired it was such a part of me for so long that “old habits” are hard to break. I make schedules. I’m on Facebook for so long, I bead or craft for a while, certain amount of housework, etc. etc.

5. What do you think your best feature is?

My hands, to be quite honest I have always liked my hands. They are petit and straight. But they are also my tools for my craft. I take care of them. They are starting to show some aging what with some wwrinkles and more defined freckles. Arthritis in both thumbs. A few calluses around the knuckles of my dominant hand, but other than that they are holding up better than other parts of me.

6. How do I feel about IPhones?

I don’t have a clue….never owned one probably never will! Now if you meant smart phones in general rather than IPhone specific… this blog is being done off my smart phone a Motorola Droid Turbo. I also have a tablet I use too but battery is low. Why do I like them? Easy take anywhere, do anything, bye bye computer.

7. Do you have a recurring dream?

No I don’t. As a child I had nightmares, but I no longer remember what they were about. My husband says I mumble in my sleep sometimes??? Sometimes I do remember what I dream but its always different.

8. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Nearly drown! My grandparents took me to Niagara Falls for my 13th birthday. They also bought me my first watch. When we got to hotel, I put on my bathing suit, ran and jumped into pool. I forgot I had my watch on and just as I hit water remembered and panicked. I was in deep end. I forgot how to swim. I went under. Someone pulled me out. To this day I do NOT go in water over my head.

9. What’s “my” favorite television show?

I don’t watch to much TV I am hearing impaired and it makes it hard to follow even with closed captioning. But I would have to say probably the “NCIS” programs are the ones I like best.

10. Do “I” work out?

No… Should I? I can’t much. 2 car accidents injured my back years ago I now have arthritis in my middle spine and a sciatic nerve in my lower back. What am I supposed to do? Water exercises! See answer to question number 8!

11. Do you believe in astrology?

I read my horoscope each morning in the paper. I laugh when it fits, frown when I think its stupid. But I would never deny another person their right to their beliefs. I read Greek mythology story’s as a history of our world. The Danes, the Celts, the Romans all had their gods and sub gods that formed their lives. I have my God. He forms my life.

I am going to have to make this a 2 part as I have been at it for the better part of two hours now and I’ve got a schedule to keep to. Teehee No really I need to show a peek into what I’m working on this week.
There are 2 projects on board both going pretty good. The first one is my 1st out in my shop.


The 2nd one is a new stitch I am learning it is called African Helix and the bracelet pattern is called Harlequin from the book Mastering Beadwork by Carol Huber Cypher.

So until Friday my friends today has been a long one thanks for sticking with me.

Susie Homemaker vs Beading Fun

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pleased to Meet You.”


My days always start the same. Up around 7am. Send hubby off to work. Spend the next couple hours leisurely waking up. There’s coffee, juice, breakfast shake and morning medical regime. Lets see Bible verse of the day, feed the dog,  newspaper, emails ( 2 accounts – personal and business), Words games ( usually about 10 of them) to play, Facebook, and blogs to read. Next its time to get dressed for the day, probably a nice set of sweats or dressy pj’s. Have you ever seen that commercial where a person is being tempted by a red devilish version of himself and consoled by the angelic version. Well I too have my version of characters on my shoulders.

First coming straight from Heloise; wearing her oldest sweats she could find, weighing in at … she ain’t admitting to nothing… we find Susie Homemaker. She is my alter ego. Her plans for the day seem to include vacuuming dog hair from rugs, washing a load of laundry, and unloading the dishwasher. And this to be accomplished before lunch. We haven’t seen beyond her plans to walk the dog to the mail box yet. But then again the walk is done everyday at approximately noon.

Now my humble ego Beading Fun has been thinking of other plans. She actually snuck in about 10 minutes of Pinterest and another 5 on Etsy looking at new ideas for dreamy beading projects. She also has been worried about the UFO’s* that have been lurking about. She knows its her responsibility to finish them off. She knows she too will have to walk the dog at noon. And then there will have to be some kind of dinner thought about for the hubby.

So as these two scramble through my head, trying to confuse me with issues. I decide to ignore both of them and do what I feel like! I’ll throw a load into the washer and maybe on Tuesday it will make it to the dryer. We’ll keep using the dishes in the dishwasher as we pre-rinse everything and reload again maybe on Wednesday. I’ll vacuum later this afternoon. That’ll be my compromise between the Susie homemaker non ego and my friendly Beading Fun.

Tonight as I read new comments on my blog, one of my young teen readers prompted me to respond with quick instructions on making stretch bracelets. I realized there are many young people out there interested in jewelry crafts. My own grandchildren are learning different areas such as chainmail, micro macrame, wire wrapping and bead stringing. I encourage everyone interested ask questions, find a mentor, join a class, or buy a great book.

My grandkids

* = UnFinished Objects.

Pleased to Meet You

Page 82 Line 3 Oh My




by Michael Punke

I haven’t even read the book yet. And I’m supposed to …. now what was the wording … “and work it into a post somehow.”  To take a sentence literally out of book and “USE” it to publish a post. That’s like taking one crayon out of the box and giving it to Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling. So much can go wrong with that. Everything can be taken out of context. Or not.


 “Three hundred cattle, as it turned out, didn’t feed an army for long.”



Ok let me give you some back ground of the book. It is non-fiction.  The “greatest and most infamous characters of the American West- from John James Audubon and Buffalo Bill” …. (partial excerpt from back of book),  to name a couple of characters in this saga. It tells of familiar and historical acts by both white men and the natives of the region. It conveys powerful tales of bravery and adventure in settling the west. It tells of personal trials and political fights, all in the name of preservation.

No I have not read the book. But I have heard the tale of the fight for survival and the men who led the battle both in the field and in Washington’s halls to save one of the most powerful animals in our nation. The American Bison or Buffalo. This book is not about Custer and his last stand although he is a player in this story; this is about the man who started the conservation movement to save the Buffalo…. George Bird Grinnell.

So anyone just reading that one line and knowing the book it came from would assume it was talking about Custer’s army. And they would be right! I don’t like taking things out of context so I read the page before and the next few pages to understand better the situation Grinnell was in at the time. He was on a dinosaur hunting expedition and he was a tagalong to Custer’s army.

The next time someone gives me a crayon, I’m going to make sure that Michelangelo isn’t waiting for the rest of the box!

Shirley’s Bracelet …. Done Procrastinating


I finally quit procrastinating and finished Shirley’s bracelet just a little while ago. I’m one of these types whose plans are just great in my mind. But I’m not a pencil and paper artist. I can make lists ( except for groceries… that I hate to do), I have to do lists for when I go to town and run errands. I make a list when I go to the pharmacy and pick up medicine refills. And I make lists for when I make a piece of jewelry. The problem I ran into with this one was when I gathered up my items I realized something very important…. the eyelets and leather punch I had weren’t for this type of project. This was the first time I attempted to do a leather focal piece to attach my wrist bands on. So I kept hesitating about my idea. Do I? Or don’t I? I wanted to use the birds on the branch. And because it was broken I had to come up with a clever way to attach it to the band. OK ….. DO IT! I headed to Hobby Lobby yesterday afternoon (yeah that bad) bought a nice leather punching tool and some rivets.
Now …. as they say …. the rest is history. And here it is!