Last Week Got Away From Me


Hey at least I finished something! Last week was a bummer. I fought migraines. If you’ve never had one, count your lucky stars, if you have you know they are not fun! I see a neurologist every couple months and had appointment on Wednesday. He changed my medication again as it is still not controlling my headaches as well as he (and I) would like. He also put me on a stronger med for when I do get a migraine and I can tell you that this mornings headache disappeared a lot faster than ones in the past.

Beading is relaxing for me, I actually seem to do more small amounts of simple beadwork when I’m going through major episodes of migraines. I will do patterns familiar to me, easy and fast. Nothing requiring too much thinking or concentration

Now onto what I did accomplish this past week.

Top to bottom…. I finished the African Helix Harlequin bracelet, it has a magnetic clasp. Next is a bracelet from a tutorial from Potomac Beads on YouTube I used olive 6/0’s for the base ladder stitch and amber 11/0’s and two colors of hex beads, olive & ivory, for the Chevron embellishments. The third is a version of Mortira vanPelt of Inspirational Beading’s pattern Valentine Hearts in Potawatomi Chain , I did it only a single width and put a “lacy” looking edge on it. And the last one is a pattern I’ve had quite awhile not sure where I got it. I have made it before. This time I used seed beads in sizes 3,6,8,11,&15 the colors are a teal with the rainbow black 8’s and gunmetal 3’s used in the center of the pattern. The last two bracelets both need clasps.

The weather this weekend is cooperating with us…into the high 70’s today and tomorrow. Tomorrow we are getting together with a few friends for breakfast and riding our bikes to Weatherford to the Space Museum.

Have a great weekend and see you next week!


Is It Monday Already … I Missed Friday

Sorry friends and neighbors, I totally forgot about plans to be out of town on Friday when I promised the reveal. And of course the weekend brought along with it its weekend doings. Including a wonderful Saturday night with 6 friends and dinner at a steakhouse. Today is a beautiful day here in Oklahoma. I am going to do some work out in my shop and maybe have a different type of beaded project to show you at the end of the week.
Now I didn’t forget about last week and here it is:


This beautiful bracelet is made with 4mm glass pearls and 4mm crystals along with size 11/0 silver lined dk silver Delicas. The  stitch is called right angle weave or in beader jargon RAW. It is adapted from a pattern by Deborah Roberti of . The pattern is free and downloads as a PDF file. She encourages users to feel free to make and sell the beadwork you make as long as you give her credit as the designer.

Giving credit to the original designer for a pattern is the same as a writer citing properly any quotes or information contained in their article. Not doing so can be construed as plagiarism or just plain theft. With today’s digital technology many people feel if they see something on a website or Pinterest they can “copy” it with no regards to the ownership of copyright. There are many debates going on as to what can be considered for “copyright” protection in the beading world. A technique cannot be. This includes the RAW that I used in that bracelet. But the written pattern and the photo of the completed project are protected. Deborah’s written pattern that produced my bracelet is protected and my photo that resulted from her pattern is also protected. Therefore it would be illegal for anyone to try to reproduce Deborah’s bracelet from my photo.

So many times I am using Pinterest  to find inspiration for a project ( BTW I will buy the pattern) I see were someone has pinned a picture from Etsy and commented “that looks easy I think I’ll make it”. That is so wrong. The designer puts so much time and effort into their products, to have others copy takes away from them.

The best advice I can tell you is support the designers and artists. Do the right thing. Support our copyright laws.

A Preview of Things to Come


Friends and Neighbors

I know I was supposed to show the geometric shapes bracelet this week, but it is slower going than I planned. (Why do I plan something I’ve never done before I’ll never know). My arthritis was acting up and it is easier to “string” beads than it is to “weave”. Therefore:
To honor the Buffalo; I am working on this bracelet using beads that are new to my inventory. The “super duo” bead is a pressed glass bead of Czech origin. They have 2 holes and are of seed bead size. The mix I’m using reminds me of the colors of a young buffalo. I’m also using 15/0,11/0 seed beads and 4mm bicone crystals. The pattern is a Jill Wiseman pattern called “Festival of Lights“. You can find it on ” youtube“.

I have this refrigerator magnet that embodies the spirit of the buffalo and also reminds me of the advice I gave my daughters as they became young women.


As I reveal these little bits and pieces About me, I will add them to my “About” page.
Have a good evening. Til Friday.

Page 82 Line 3 Oh My




by Michael Punke

I haven’t even read the book yet. And I’m supposed to …. now what was the wording … “and work it into a post somehow.”  To take a sentence literally out of book and “USE” it to publish a post. That’s like taking one crayon out of the box and giving it to Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling. So much can go wrong with that. Everything can be taken out of context. Or not.


 “Three hundred cattle, as it turned out, didn’t feed an army for long.”



Ok let me give you some back ground of the book. It is non-fiction.  The “greatest and most infamous characters of the American West- from John James Audubon and Buffalo Bill” …. (partial excerpt from back of book),  to name a couple of characters in this saga. It tells of familiar and historical acts by both white men and the natives of the region. It conveys powerful tales of bravery and adventure in settling the west. It tells of personal trials and political fights, all in the name of preservation.

No I have not read the book. But I have heard the tale of the fight for survival and the men who led the battle both in the field and in Washington’s halls to save one of the most powerful animals in our nation. The American Bison or Buffalo. This book is not about Custer and his last stand although he is a player in this story; this is about the man who started the conservation movement to save the Buffalo…. George Bird Grinnell.

So anyone just reading that one line and knowing the book it came from would assume it was talking about Custer’s army. And they would be right! I don’t like taking things out of context so I read the page before and the next few pages to understand better the situation Grinnell was in at the time. He was on a dinosaur hunting expedition and he was a tagalong to Custer’s army.

The next time someone gives me a crayon, I’m going to make sure that Michelangelo isn’t waiting for the rest of the box!

Hump Day or Another Week Half Over

wpid-wp-1420658485361.png      Some people enjoy seeing Wednesday roll around, they known that Friday ( you know TGIF) is just around the corner. But there are times I feel like ole Sam there when I’m like WTF where is this week going. I’ve got Shirley’s bracelet to do, yeah I’ve got the supplies picked out. All laid out on my mat. I’ve started the “challenge” for the Facebook group I’m following. A great bunch of gals by the way. I started following this group I think in June or July. Since then I really have increased my beading skills. Picked up some new stitches. For those not familiar with beading it is bead-weaving. Tiny little beads hand sewn together in a pattern to form an artistic piece of jewelry or sometimes unidentifiable objects (well at least on my part).

Well I transgressed from my point there didn’t I. Oh how embarrassing that maybe some of ….. Well to get back on track. It’s not so much a challenge against each other as our own beading skills. The next 2 weeks are to be spent doing peyote triangles at the next level from each ones previous experience. So far this week I have played “frog” about 4 times now. My personal best; I almost completed one when I noticed I had used 2 blue beads where I wanted green beads. The advise from the expert was “ribbit”. So I played frog once again, then put it away, in frustration (I do have some OCD issues), and called it a night. My plans are to make enough of them that by the end of next week they can be assembled together in some fashion and called a bracelet. I hope to be able to show you an acceptable finished project. Maybe even good enough to eventually do more and sell a few of them. Maybe even start a new fashion trend. Daydreams….. now I’m sounding like Hannah one of our fellow bloggers. Oh how my mind wanders.

Getting back to Shirley’s bracelet if you didn’t read that blog (New Year… ), you must. I found at Hobby Lobby some time ago a branch with some birds setting on it. It was marked down, either because it was time or because it was damaged. Either way someone had bent the branch to the point it was broken. I foresaw a possibility of using it someday in a piece. I am going to! I have prepared a portion of it for Shirley’s bracelet and if I quit procrastinating and get on with it I should have a unique wrap around bracelet to present to you on Friday. If only Thursday will hold off for just a little while!!!!

Well WTF here’s to Hump Day or at least what’s left of it

Have a great evening everyone


Blogging 101


Good afternoon dear friends and neighbors. I suddenly feel like I am back in school. And at the moment that is a very good thing. As you can tell from my photo I’m not a spring chicken by no means. And as you know a lady never divulges her true age. So I will tell you a lie and let it go at that. A few years ago (read many) I was turning 30 and during a conversation with my mother on the phone (read house phone with cord), I exclaimed how I wasn’t going to be 30 but would be celebrating the first anniversary of my 29th birthday. My wonderful mother understood and sent me a lovely anniversary card for the celebration. Consequently to this day I will claim to remain 29.

Now back to the subject at hand. Back in school. Yes! I’m taking a course on this site Blogging 101. Boy do I ever need it. I can write, mind you. I have an Associate Degree in Business Management from the University of Maryland. I took a couple of creative writing courses. But my computer training was …. well let’s just say ….DOS. I’m totally lost around computers, unless they stand up and say “hey Dummy, yeah you! do it this way”. Now I must say this program is somewhat familiar. Can’t put my finger on it yet but I have been able to figure out its buttons. I have gotten lost. And I still don’t know if I can find my way back to Commons (I guess that’s like a meeting/study area).

I am retired (prematurely due to health) from the business world, after almost 20 years as a manager/bookkeeper for a large company in Oklahoma. I have 2 lovely daughters and 4 brilliant grandchildren. My husband retired from the Army after 20+ years and in September will retire a second time after 15 years as IT at a national bank. After my retirement I had more time to enjoy my hobby …. jewelry making and beading. After some time I had built up a stash of ” inventory “, not enough friends and family nor holidays to give them away. In December 2013 I decided to “open” my business Beading Fun by PJ Clouse. I started face booking ( is that right ??) in May 2014. I had to have been the last of my family on Facebook… yes my mother is on Facebook at age **(age withheld to protect my lie). I have been doing some craft shows and have 3 planned for 2015. The next 2 steps are a blog page to promote me and my product, then an etsy shop. I hope to learn how to connect it all together to draw a variety of interesting customers and future friends and neighbors.

This was the first assignment of many to come. I will also try to include any regular features that I have already planned.

Have a great day


Beading Fun

I start my blog with the Shakespeare quote and beautiful artwork of butterflies to signify the freedom of mind and talents that artist feel when raising a pen, brush, or other instrument of creativity to bring to life their Art. Whether it be poetry, a novel, statue, painting, architecture, fashion, or beadwork; our hearts, minds and personalities are poured into the work we love, the work that speaks a language only we can hear, an art we find our joy in. I find my heart, my freedom, my fun in my Beading. I do it for the enlightenment and enjoyment of others. I do it for you. Beading Fun by PJ Clouse …. Beadingfun4u

And as imagination bodies forth
The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen
Turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing
A local habitation and a name.

– William Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

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