Is It Monday Already … I Missed Friday

Sorry friends and neighbors, I totally forgot about plans to be out of town on Friday when I promised the reveal. And of course the weekend brought along with it its weekend doings. Including a wonderful Saturday night with 6 friends and dinner at a steakhouse. Today is a beautiful day here in Oklahoma. I am going to do some work out in my shop and maybe have a different type of beaded project to show you at the end of the week.
Now I didn’t forget about last week and here it is:


This beautiful bracelet is made with 4mm glass pearls and 4mm crystals along with size 11/0 silver lined dk silver Delicas. The  stitch is called right angle weave or in beader jargon RAW. It is adapted from a pattern by Deborah Roberti of . The pattern is free and downloads as a PDF file. She encourages users to feel free to make and sell the beadwork you make as long as you give her credit as the designer.

Giving credit to the original designer for a pattern is the same as a writer citing properly any quotes or information contained in their article. Not doing so can be construed as plagiarism or just plain theft. With today’s digital technology many people feel if they see something on a website or Pinterest they can “copy” it with no regards to the ownership of copyright. There are many debates going on as to what can be considered for “copyright” protection in the beading world. A technique cannot be. This includes the RAW that I used in that bracelet. But the written pattern and the photo of the completed project are protected. Deborah’s written pattern that produced my bracelet is protected and my photo that resulted from her pattern is also protected. Therefore it would be illegal for anyone to try to reproduce Deborah’s bracelet from my photo.

So many times I am using Pinterest  to find inspiration for a project ( BTW I will buy the pattern) I see were someone has pinned a picture from Etsy and commented “that looks easy I think I’ll make it”. That is so wrong. The designer puts so much time and effort into their products, to have others copy takes away from them.

The best advice I can tell you is support the designers and artists. Do the right thing. Support our copyright laws.